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SHOCK collars- Do Unto Others…

If you have ever owned a dog during you lifetime, especially a puppy, then you have most likely seriously thought about getting a shock collar, or you have already succumbed to that temptation. Shock collars cause more harm than good in my opinion. First if all, if you are using a shock collar to stop you dog from barking, this can cause serious discomfort to your dog. Some shock collars don’t seem to do anything aside from annoy you dog and cause them to bark even more. A year ago I purchased a shock collar for  my dog against my better judgement. When I placed the shock collar on my dog he continued to bark non-stop. it did not seem to have any positive effect on him. some collars might work depending on the type of dog you have but the ones that do work can actually cause your dog to get bruises on their neck and cause agitation in your dog. If you buy a shock collar to keep the dog in your yard, even though this might protect them for getting run over by a car, it will not protect them form the side effects that a shock collar causes.I encourage anyone who is seriously thinking about purchasing a shock collar for your animal to look into the effects a shock collar can cause before going out and buying one. There is no bad habit that  proper training cannot fix.Try training you dog to do the right thing before resorting to cruel punishment.To read more about the effects of shock collars read The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.

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Do Something!!!

Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare.

Animals all over the world need our help.There are millions of animals that are constantly being mistreated because they are considered to have no feelings. Some people are cruel to them just because they can be. If we stop and look for a minute at how strongly we depend on these animals we might change how we treat them.We depend on the cows for milk and yet at dairy farms they are so mistreated. To obtain  milk from the cows, their udders are hooked to metal milking machines that shock them causing very hurtful lesions.To read more about the mistreatment of the cows go to Even in homes pets are mistreated by neglect or physical abuse.

Bing Image

Bing Image

Some pets are even put to fight each other to the death just for the entertainment of others or for profit. These unfortunate animals have no say in the matter.I say lets give them a voice to be heard. Let us be that voice and help stop animals cruelty. The first step is to make the people care. By standing by and letting these things happen and not doing your part, you are helping to continue the mistreatment of these helpless creatures.For ways you can help stop these animal cruelties visit . We cannot remain silent about things that matter.

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Woman Caught Dumping Cat in Trash !! Pleads Guilty

 On August 25,a British woman was caught by a security camera tossing a cat(Lola) into its owners trash bin.Now called “The Cat Bin Lady”, Mary Bale stated that stress was the cause of her actions.This week the court has  fined her 250 pounds(about $395)and ordered her to pay more than $1000 in costs. When Lola’s owners realized she was missing t hey went to look for her and found her in the trash bin. They thought that she had somehow gotten herself in there but when they viewed the security camera they came up with a whole different scenario. The owners had launched a Facebook page to help identify the grey haired lady,  who threw their cat into the bin,and the fan page accumulated over 20,000 fans.When her identity was revealed on an online message board,a group on Facebook started calling for her death! Mary’s bizarre action had a huge effect on people all around the world and caused angry internet users to pledge retribution.Police were even  posted outside of her home for protection! The video was posted on YouTube and has been viewed more than 1.2 million times! Because of her action  Bale was also banned from keeping pets for the next five years.The U.K  Tabloid, The Sun, even created an online game called Wack-Cat-Woman  Mary Later apologized for the incident stating that she had no idea what came over her and she was very sorry.

The Cat Bin Lady

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Are Your Food Prices Too High? Eat a Rat !!

A secretary of the state welfare department,Vijay Prakash,  from Bihar,India makes this statement with a straight face that tells us he is not joking. He states that eating rat meat would reduce skyrocketing food prices.That’s right people he said rat . Now personally I would not eat any kind of rodent as long as cows are available, but remember this is in India. He is even encouraging restaurants and five-star hotels to dish up some rodent steak.

Rat : Bing Image

The Rat

Meanwhile, in Asia, news reports have announced that the risk of bird flu has started a rodent consuming craze.What would happen if the US started getting in on the fun.Rats would now be a delicacy. I think they would probably have to test the rats for diseases, or would the diseases be killed in a boiling pot of water?? I would not trust it .The population of rats would drastically decline,and with that the population of snakes might also decline.Also the selling of rats would steadily increase. There would be rat vendors at the side of the streets, a whole new rat produce section at the grocery store, and maybe even some exotic rats being smuggled across the country.People would be trying to catch them and sell them to restaurants for money. Rat farms might even come about. The menus at restaurants would have a little something extra. Rats could Bing Imageopen up a whole new avenue of food tastes. Rat burgers,Rat salads,Rat steak,the possibilities are endless! Personally I would stick with the regulars, beef,chicken etc.But if you are into trying new things go for it! So the next time you gasp at the price on your grocery bill, remember there is a cheaper way to go. Rat stew anyone ??

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Cats vs. Dogs Controversy. Which is the better pet?

This is the age-old question that has afflicted humans since the beginning of the domestication of animals.Which animal truly claims the award for “Man’s Best Friend?”

Karate Cat - Bing Image

The answer to this question depends on the individual. Cats and dogs both have different personalities that mesh with different people and their lifestyles. So when choosing a pet think about the different traits that they have for example:

 Cats are said to be more independent than dogs.

You do not have to spend as much time teaching a cat to use the litter box as you would spend teaching a dog to not pee on the carpet.

Dogs can learn to do a lot of cool tricks that you can use to amuse your guests.

Cats are a lot less work to take care of.

Bing Image

Dogs require patience and a lot of care.

Uh OH !!! -Bing Image

Overall both animals will make great pets and with a lot of consideration you will choose the right one for you or if you can’t decide, get both.

Hitching a ride - Bing Image

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Why the Tubed Nose???

The Tube nosed bat is a fruit bat that lives in Papua New Guniea.Although it has been spotted on many expeditions it has not been recorded as a new species just yet.

Tube-Nosed Bat- National Geographic

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Dog Vs. Brother -A Battle of the Wits

One of the many times my brother and I got into a  “discussion”,our dog, Samson, perhaps thinking we were getting too heated, decided to try to stop the argument. In the middle of our “discussion”, Samson,decided to try to pull us apart.  First he started tugging on my brothers pant leg, and when he was blatantly ignored, he started pulling on me. Well, I guess he was getting agitated because with every tug, he started getting closer to my skin until finally he nipped me. Since I was already angry I quickly turned on him to scold him. But when I looked into his sad brown eyes I couldn’t go through with it. I reached down to pet him instead.My brother sensing our “discussion” was over, walked away.You see, the difference between my dog and my brother is that my dog knows when it is time to quit “discussing”, and my brother could go on forever.In fact, there are many ways in which my dog seems to be more shall we say intuitive . First of all my dog knows when its time to quit eating and when to stop. My brother knows no such limits. My dog also knows when it’s time to go for a walk or excercise, unlike my brother whose only form of excercise is pressing buttons on a controller.Samson knows when to  bark and when to be silent. My brother will talk in his sleep. Although I love both my brother and my dog very very  much I would have to say that my dog is in some ways much easier to have around.

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Snakes…Our Eternal Nemisis,or a Blessing in Disguise?


Eve and the Serpent - Bing Image

Since Eve doomed us all in the Garden of Eden, snakes have been a source of contention for us humans.But there are so many different kinds of snakes that to stereotype them is just plain wrong. There are two major categories of snakes,venomous and non-venomous. Most of us prefer the non-venomous snakes, but before we judge them, let’s try to love them for their beauty and their differences.

Venemous snakes fall into four sub-categories


These are the most venomous snakes that exist on land.They are known to have a set of hollow fangs which are used to inject neurotoxic venom, which directly attacks the nervous system of whatever or whomever they decide to bite. If you happen to get bitten by one of these snakes,you will most likely die.Examples of these kinds of snakes are, the Black Mamba, Cobras,and the North American coral snake. Although these snakes don’t seem very likeable we can still admire their sheer beauty, either from afar or if you’re suicidal, from close range.

Coral Snake

Viperidae(viperids) share a similar trait with the elapids in that they are both venomous.Although Viperids refuse to live in  Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, Ireland,and the Arctic circle, the rest of the world plays host to these reptiles. Examples of these are Copperheads,rattlesnakes,water moccasins, and the bushmaster.

Copperhead- google Image


Unlike the previous snakes these colubrids are mostly non-venomous.Mostly, meaning that if you were to get bitten by one of these it is highly recommended that you seek medical attention immediately.So I guess you can safely say that they are relatively less venomous than elapids and viperids. These include : The African twig snake,the boomslang,the hognose snake,and the queen snake.

African Twig snake -Bing Image


Like the elapids and the viperids, these snakes are extremely poisonous, more poisonous in fact than the land snakes. Unlike the previous snakes, these only reside in the sea. No need to worry about going swimming though, because human contact with these creatures are very rare.

Hydrophiidae- Bing image


Unlike the above mentioned snakes these are fully non-venomous. Don’t get too happy though. These snakes are so huge and powerful that they can swallow a fully grown buck.These species rely on their strength in order to suffocate their prey. They are unlike the venomous snakes which use venom to kill their prey. These include the famous anaconda,the African python,and the Burmese python.

Tree cobra-bing image



Then there is the well-known human snake… just kidding we won’t get into that.To some people a snake is a snake no matter what kind they are, but they are all different kinds and some that even help us humans. For example,  some snakes kill mice, so without them we might be knee-deep in little furry squeaky pests. Overall snakes are beautiful creatures that should be admired instead of feared, as long as you stay a safe distance away.

Bing Image

Facts from

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“What is that ?!” The Strangest Animals on Earth!

Have you noticed how completely different certain species are from one another ?  Here are a few animals that are stranger then we realize . Surprisingly enough none of these include us humans.Be forewarned though that some of these animals are not pleasant to the eye, but remember, we are ALL God’s creatures. 

First up is the Goliath Bird Eating Spider 

 This is the biggest spider on earth ! Contrary to its name these plate-sized creatures would rather eat bats and bugs than chew on birds.This tarantula is pretty harmless to us humans and it is in danger due to the destruction of its Amazonian habitat. 

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

Next up is The Giant Coconut Crab 

Yum Dinner !

 Unlike our spider friend Goliath, this giant crab is larger than your average dinner plate. Although these crabs can crack a coconut with ease, they are usually too slow to be of any harm to humans. These crabs usually live in Guam where children enjoy knocking them off trees. Harsh 

Glass Frog 

Glass Frog

This frog’s beauty is obviously not just skin deep. Aren’t his organs mesmerizing? unfortunately this creature is at risk of becoming extinct. 

The Giant Soft-shelled Turtle is one of the strangest animals on this planet and is very rare. These are not sea turtles but prefer to stay inland. It’s shell can expand to almost 6 ft ! 

Soft shelled Turtle.

Remember that fish in finding Nemo that had the glowing  fishing rod thing that dory found so fascinating ? Well this is the male version. It attatches itself to the female and “feeds” until he loses his eyeballs, then his internal organs, and eventually his life. This fish is 1/20th the size of the female so you probably wouldn’t notice it at first glance. 


It’s amazing how different and unique these animals are that share our planet. But all these animals have one goal in common, to survive. 

animals facts and pics  from

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Don’t Scare the Goats! They will Faint !

These goats are a trip ! Literally. The proper name for a group of goats is called a trip. While watching this video I realized that humans and goats have a huge amount in common.Before you start denying this fact I have listed a few common traits that humans have with this hairy  beast.

– First of all, as you have seen in this video, goats can faint.Humans, although some human males deny this after the event has occured, also faint.

-Baby Goats are called Kids. Baby humans are also called Kids.

Goats DO NOT eat tin cans. Most humans do not eat tin cans.(Note that I said MOST)

-A domestic male is sometimes called a billy; a female, a nanny. Domestic humans are sometimes called the same. I’m sure you know someone named Billy, and we all have heard of nannies.

Nanny Poppins

   -Wild Goats don’t sleep. Wild humans don’t sleep.


-Goats contribute to desertification in Africa. Humans also contribute.

-Goats are extremely picky about what they eat.They won’t eat unless their dish is clean and clean food is put in it, and need lots of fresh, clean water.

Roasted crickets anyone ?

–Goats catch colds and can succumb to pneumonia.

Goats need protection from dogs. Ummm


These are just a few similarities. I am sure if you think hard enough you can find lots more. So the next time you see a goat remember you’re not so different. BAAAAA ! 🙂

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