Posted by: trinigurl | September 10, 2010

Elephants And Sleep Paralysis

The other day, I was reading a book that was talking about a lot of different topics. One of them was about elephants. It mentioned a very interesting fact about these peaceful animals. This book stated that if an elephant were to fall on its side it would eventually die because it’s weight is so massive that it cannot pick itself back up again. The other elephants in the herd would gather around it until it eventually died and then they would move on.This reminded me of a time my friend called me very very early one morning and proceeded to tell me that something was holding her down on her bed. ” It was like an elephant decided to plop itself down on my chest”, she exclaimed.” “I couldn’t move.” She then went on to describe that no matter how hard she tried to scream or move,  nothing seemed to work . I asked her if she was stressed about something, or if maybe she was just dreaming. She said no . I was confused yet intrigued. This happened to her a few more times after that and each time they seemed to get worse. It seemed terrifying. It turned out that she had had  a mild form of sleep paralysis. I realized that like the elephants and like my friend’s sleep paralysis, I was walking around with a lot of excess baggage that was weighing me down and making it difficult to live my life how it was meant to be lived. I needed to get rid of it. If I wasn’t careful then it would weigh me down and I might eventually fall and not be able to get back up.

Sleep Paralysis


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