Posted by: trinigurl | September 29, 2010

Snakes…Our Eternal Nemisis,or a Blessing in Disguise?


Eve and the Serpent - Bing Image

Since Eve doomed us all in the Garden of Eden, snakes have been a source of contention for us humans.But there are so many different kinds of snakes that to stereotype them is just plain wrong. There are two major categories of snakes,venomous and non-venomous. Most of us prefer the non-venomous snakes, but before we judge them, let’s try to love them for their beauty and their differences.

Venemous snakes fall into four sub-categories


These are the most venomous snakes that exist on land.They are known to have a set of hollow fangs which are used to inject neurotoxic venom, which directly attacks the nervous system of whatever or whomever they decide to bite. If you happen to get bitten by one of these snakes,you will most likely die.Examples of these kinds of snakes are, the Black Mamba, Cobras,and the North American coral snake. Although these snakes don’t seem very likeable we can still admire their sheer beauty, either from afar or if you’re suicidal, from close range.

Coral Snake

Viperidae(viperids) share a similar trait with the elapids in that they are both venomous.Although Viperids refuse to live in  Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, Ireland,and the Arctic circle, the rest of the world plays host to these reptiles. Examples of these are Copperheads,rattlesnakes,water moccasins, and the bushmaster.

Copperhead- google Image


Unlike the previous snakes these colubrids are mostly non-venomous.Mostly, meaning that if you were to get bitten by one of these it is highly recommended that you seek medical attention immediately.So I guess you can safely say that they are relatively less venomous than elapids and viperids. These include : The African twig snake,the boomslang,the hognose snake,and the queen snake.

African Twig snake -Bing Image


Like the elapids and the viperids, these snakes are extremely poisonous, more poisonous in fact than the land snakes. Unlike the previous snakes, these only reside in the sea. No need to worry about going swimming though, because human contact with these creatures are very rare.

Hydrophiidae- Bing image


Unlike the above mentioned snakes these are fully non-venomous. Don’t get too happy though. These snakes are so huge and powerful that they can swallow a fully grown buck.These species rely on their strength in order to suffocate their prey. They are unlike the venomous snakes which use venom to kill their prey. These include the famous anaconda,the African python,and the Burmese python.

Tree cobra-bing image



Then there is the well-known human snake… just kidding we won’t get into that.To some people a snake is a snake no matter what kind they are, but they are all different kinds and some that even help us humans. For example,  some snakes kill mice, so without them we might be knee-deep in little furry squeaky pests. Overall snakes are beautiful creatures that should be admired instead of feared, as long as you stay a safe distance away.

Bing Image

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