Posted by: trinigurl | October 1, 2010

Dog Vs. Brother -A Battle of the Wits

One of the many times my brother and I got into a  “discussion”,our dog, Samson, perhaps thinking we were getting too heated, decided to try to stop the argument. In the middle of our “discussion”, Samson,decided to try to pull us apart.  First he started tugging on my brothers pant leg, and when he was blatantly ignored, he started pulling on me. Well, I guess he was getting agitated because with every tug, he started getting closer to my skin until finally he nipped me. Since I was already angry I quickly turned on him to scold him. But when I looked into his sad brown eyes I couldn’t go through with it. I reached down to pet him instead.My brother sensing our “discussion” was over, walked away.You see, the difference between my dog and my brother is that my dog knows when it is time to quit “discussing”, and my brother could go on forever.In fact, there are many ways in which my dog seems to be more shall we say intuitive . First of all my dog knows when its time to quit eating and when to stop. My brother knows no such limits. My dog also knows when it’s time to go for a walk or excercise, unlike my brother whose only form of excercise is pressing buttons on a controller.Samson knows when to  bark and when to be silent. My brother will talk in his sleep. Although I love both my brother and my dog very very  much I would have to say that my dog is in some ways much easier to have around.


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