Posted by: trinigurl | October 20, 2010

Are Your Food Prices Too High? Eat a Rat !!

A secretary of the state welfare department,Vijay Prakash,  from Bihar,India makes this statement with a straight face that tells us he is not joking. He states that eating rat meat would reduce skyrocketing food prices.That’s right people he said rat . Now personally I would not eat any kind of rodent as long as cows are available, but remember this is in India. He is even encouraging restaurants and five-star hotels to dish up some rodent steak.

Rat : Bing Image

The Rat

Meanwhile, in Asia, news reports have announced that the risk of bird flu has started a rodent consuming craze.What would happen if the US started getting in on the fun.Rats would now be a delicacy. I think they would probably have to test the rats for diseases, or would the diseases be killed in a boiling pot of water?? I would not trust it .The population of rats would drastically decline,and with that the population of snakes might also decline.Also the selling of rats would steadily increase. There would be rat vendors at the side of the streets, a whole new rat produce section at the grocery store, and maybe even some exotic rats being smuggled across the country.People would be trying to catch them and sell them to restaurants for money. Rat farms might even come about. The menus at restaurants would have a little something extra. Rats could Bing Imageopen up a whole new avenue of food tastes. Rat burgers,Rat salads,Rat steak,the possibilities are endless! Personally I would stick with the regulars, beef,chicken etc.But if you are into trying new things go for it! So the next time you gasp at the price on your grocery bill, remember there is a cheaper way to go. Rat stew anyone ??


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