Posted by: trinigurl | October 22, 2010

Woman Caught Dumping Cat in Trash !! Pleads Guilty

 On August 25,a British woman was caught by a security camera tossing a cat(Lola) into its owners trash bin.Now called “The Cat Bin Lady”, Mary Bale stated that stress was the cause of her actions.This week the court has  fined her 250 pounds(about $395)and ordered her to pay more than $1000 in costs. When Lola’s owners realized she was missing t hey went to look for her and found her in the trash bin. They thought that she had somehow gotten herself in there but when they viewed the security camera they came up with a whole different scenario. The owners had launched a Facebook page to help identify the grey haired lady,  who threw their cat into the bin,and the fan page accumulated over 20,000 fans.When her identity was revealed on an online message board,a group on Facebook started calling for her death! Mary’s bizarre action had a huge effect on people all around the world and caused angry internet users to pledge retribution.Police were even  posted outside of her home for protection! The video was posted on YouTube and has been viewed more than 1.2 million times! Because of her action  Bale was also banned from keeping pets for the next five years.The U.K  Tabloid, The Sun, even created an online game called Wack-Cat-Woman  Mary Later apologized for the incident stating that she had no idea what came over her and she was very sorry.

The Cat Bin Lady


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