Posted by: trinigurl | November 4, 2010

Do Something!!!

Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare.

Animals all over the world need our help.There are millions of animals that are constantly being mistreated because they are considered to have no feelings. Some people are cruel to them just because they can be. If we stop and look for a minute at how strongly we depend on these animals we might change how we treat them.We depend on the cows for milk and yet at dairy farms they are so mistreated. To obtain  milk from the cows, their udders are hooked to metal milking machines that shock them causing very hurtful lesions.To read more about the mistreatment of the cows go to Even in homes pets are mistreated by neglect or physical abuse.

Bing Image

Bing Image

Some pets are even put to fight each other to the death just for the entertainment of others or for profit. These unfortunate animals have no say in the matter.I say lets give them a voice to be heard. Let us be that voice and help stop animals cruelty. The first step is to make the people care. By standing by and letting these things happen and not doing your part, you are helping to continue the mistreatment of these helpless creatures.For ways you can help stop these animal cruelties visit . We cannot remain silent about things that matter.


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