Posted by: trinigurl | November 15, 2010

SHOCK collars- Do Unto Others…

If you have ever owned a dog during you lifetime, especially a puppy, then you have most likely seriously thought about getting a shock collar, or you have already succumbed to that temptation. Shock collars cause more harm than good in my opinion. First if all, if you are using a shock collar to stop you dog from barking, this can cause serious discomfort to your dog. Some shock collars don’t seem to do anything aside from annoy you dog and cause them to bark even more. A year ago I purchased a shock collar for  my dog against my better judgement. When I placed the shock collar on my dog he continued to bark non-stop. it did not seem to have any positive effect on him. some collars might work depending on the type of dog you have but the ones that do work can actually cause your dog to get bruises on their neck and cause agitation in your dog. If you buy a shock collar to keep the dog in your yard, even though this might protect them for getting run over by a car, it will not protect them form the side effects that a shock collar causes.I encourage anyone who is seriously thinking about purchasing a shock collar for your animal to look into the effects a shock collar can cause before going out and buying one. There is no bad habit that  proper training cannot fix.Try training you dog to do the right thing before resorting to cruel punishment.To read more about the effects of shock collars read The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.


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