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Live Tiger Cub Found In Luggage

The Tiger Cub

Last month, a  Thai woman was caught trying to smuggle a tranquilized tiger onto an airplane headed for Iran. The first question that comes to mind is why. Who knows ? She had him stuffed between other furry animal toys in her luggage. Keep in mind that all asian tigers are listed as endangered or worse. What in the world caused this woman to do what she did ? Here’s what I think happened. 

I will name the woman Betty. Now Betty has lived in one place for ever and decided she wanted a change of scenery. ”  Hey , I hear Iran has the best food in the entire world”, she says to herself. So she buys a ticket to Iran, which will leave the following day. She is very excited. She is so excited ,that she cannot stand still, so she decides to go for a walk, in the heavily bushed area called her backyard.(Keep in mind that this story is only a fabrication of what could have possibly happened  but which is very unlikely.)There she enjoys the fragrant perfume of the flowers and trees,and listens to the beautiful melodies of the birds overhead.Something orange catches her eye. She walks closer for a better look. ” Oh my”!, she exclaims, “What a pretty little kitty”! “” I’ve always wanted a cat”. It was then and there that she formed the decision to keep the cat. As she is lugging the kitty home, she remembers that tomorrow she must leave the country. ” Well, she says to herself, I can’t just leave my precious here, I must take him with me”. She then hikes back to her house and makes sure she still has some tranquilizers left from the time she tried to smuggle her pet commodo dragon into the public library.”That episode with my commodo dragon, Binky, was a mess but I’m much smarter now,”‘ she thinks to herself. She then goes to the Toys R Us that is conveniently right down the street and proceeds to purchase oodles of stuffed animals. 

The next day she stuffs all the  stuffed animals into her luggage,  grabs the tiger, which she has named Thrifty, and tranquilized him. She then lifts Thrifty and places him into her bag, and onto the cushion of teddy bears and lions. At the airport she tries to put the bag onto the security checkpoint conveyor belt with much difficulty. A security guard notices her plight and walks over to assist her. They finally get the bag to go through the scanner.” A checkpoint security officer spots something different about the plentiful stuffed animals in this lady’s luggage. She takes a closer look, and the rest is news.

The lesson here friends is that you can never buy too much stuffed animals.

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Elephants And Sleep Paralysis

The other day, I was reading a book that was talking about a lot of different topics. One of them was about elephants. It mentioned a very interesting fact about these peaceful animals. This book stated that if an elephant were to fall on its side it would eventually die because it’s weight is so massive that it cannot pick itself back up again. The other elephants in the herd would gather around it until it eventually died and then they would move on.This reminded me of a time my friend called me very very early one morning and proceeded to tell me that something was holding her down on her bed. ” It was like an elephant decided to plop itself down on my chest”, she exclaimed.” “I couldn’t move.” She then went on to describe that no matter how hard she tried to scream or move,  nothing seemed to work . I asked her if she was stressed about something, or if maybe she was just dreaming. She said no . I was confused yet intrigued. This happened to her a few more times after that and each time they seemed to get worse. It seemed terrifying. It turned out that she had had  a mild form of sleep paralysis. I realized that like the elephants and like my friend’s sleep paralysis, I was walking around with a lot of excess baggage that was weighing me down and making it difficult to live my life how it was meant to be lived. I needed to get rid of it. If I wasn’t careful then it would weigh me down and I might eventually fall and not be able to get back up.

Sleep Paralysis

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Labor Day – Animals Want a Day Off Too.

My labor day ended with my hand full of needle pricks. I guess a great way to celebrate the fact that we all must work for a living is to well… work. Maybe that’s what my dog had in mind when she decided I needed a lot more practice in the patching department. Or maybe she just wanted to sink her teeth into the mouth-watering pile of barbecued ribs sitting on the table inside the gazebo. I am more inclined to believe the latter. Nevertheless, the fiasco began with my thinking of my beloved pets. ” Hey”, I said to myself, ” It’s labor day, the dogs want to party too”! With that naive thought in mind , I called my brother and told him to bring his dog over, and I set my own two loose to enjoy the aromatic smells and sights wafting about in the yard. Too late I realized my mistake. Both dogs headed straight for  the table overladen with food, not pausing to find the entrance, but barreling straight through the netted side.Thus my needle work skills were achingly put to the test. Next labor day  my dogs,  Samson and Delilah, will enjoy the smells from the safety of their leash.

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